Crystal clear sound & supreme comfort. All day long.

Struggling to hear the noises of day to day life?

Hearvix helps amplify anything from conversation to your favourite TV show.

The Hearvix device slots neatly and almost invisibly inside your ear. With 3 fit solutions, you’ll barely notice it’s there.

This high tech, disposable-battery powered solution can power on for hours on end.

  • Amazing amplification

    Noticeably assists those with moderate hearing loss.

  • Discreet

    These tiny amplifiers can be worn with confidence

  • Comfortable

    3 ear bud sizes included in each pack to ensure all day comfort

  • Long-life

    Disposable-battery and rechargeable options available

  • I received my Hearvix approx 3 weeks ago and so extremely happy with them. I sometimes use just 1 in my more deaf ear and works great. I'm still experimenting! I couldn't be happier. Thank you

    - Elizabeth Y.

  • They are absolutely great. Thank you Hearvix... I recommend this they work perfectly for me...

    - Maria C.

  • I am so happy I can hear better than my old devices that I brought for $5000. It's just amazing can't believe it. Thank you Hearvix.

    -Alvin A.

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